Appointing a new Rabbi and Rebbetzen at CNSS

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Where we are now

Following a rigorous appointment and selection process, and with overwhelming approval by both the Rabbinic Selection Committee and your Board of Management, we at CNSS are excited to invite you all to a very special weekend, to meet and endorse the appointment of our new Rabbi and Rebbetzen, Daniel and Ilana Epstein.

Introducing Rabbi and Rebbetzen Epstein

Rabbi Epstein was born and raised in Hendon, studied at Hasmonean High School, Yeshivat Har Etzion and Imperial College. He made Aliya with Ilana in 1998, where he provided strategic marketing and communications services to over 40 technology companies, non-profit organisations and communal bodies. These included JNF UK, the European Jewish Congress, Leket Israel and the World Holocaust Forum. He was subsequently a successful fundraiser for The Arad Foundation, The Pelech Jerusalem School and Sunrise Israel, while studying for semicha in Jerusalem. Rabbi Epstein is now continuing his studies in practical communal rabbinics at the Straus-Amiel Practicl Rabbinics Progrgamme, part of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s Ohr Torah Stone Institutions.

Rebbetzen Ilana originally hails from the USA, but spent some of her childhood years in Brazil and Venezuela. She attended the Yeshiva University (YU) High School for Girls, Orot Israel College and YU Stern College, where she studied History of Art and Judaics. Ilana taught at JFS before making Aliyah. She wrote a regular cooking column for the Jerusalem Post, is a qualified pastry chef and enjoys teaching about the history and evolution of Jewish cuisine. Ilana is also an interior designer. They have four children, ranging from 7 to 16, who they anticipate will attend Wolfson Hillel Primary School and Hasmonean High School.  Ilana is enriching her studies at the Claudia Cohen Women’ Educator Institute, the sister programme to Straus-Amiel, as well as at MaTaN – the Women’s Institute for Torah Studies.

Your chance to meet the Epsteins

We are looking forward to the Epsteins joining us on the Shabbat 14/15 February 2014, where we will all have the opportunity to meet them and hear from them. Rabbi Epstein will give a Dvar Torah during Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday night at the Cockfosters minyan. On Shabbat morning at Old Farm Avenue, he will lead the davening, leyn and give a sermon. He will also give a shiur between Mincha and Maariv on Shabbat afternoon and then we invite you to join them both for an evening to ‘Meet the Epsteins’ on Motzei Shabbat Saturday evening, 15 February at Old Farm Avenue, starting at 7.30pm.

What the US needs

The United Synagogue bye-laws require approval by the community and you are invited to show this at a vote at the synagogue on Sunday, 16 February 2014. Voting will take place from 10am-12noon and again from 4-5pm. All members are eligible to vote and a 75% approval is required from the voters. A simple majority is not sufficient.

When will the Epsteins start?

Assuming that the community endorses the overwhelming approval of both the Selection Committee and the Board of Management, we look forward to the Epsteins commencing their roles as our rabbinic couple just before Shavuot 5774, this summer.

As space at the ‘Meet the Epsteins’ evening is limited, please let the shul office know as soon as possible of your intention to attend on 8886 8225 or for catering purposes.

Places will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

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