CNSS Eruv Committee gears up!

These are exciting times at CNSS at no more so than with our dynamic Eruv Committee.

For many years the plans were just pipe dreams, but now under new chairman Ezra Carlson, we are actually powering ahead. Our plans are now for an ‘organic eruv’, starting modestly and growing as the needs dictate. We have had the benefit of advice from adjoining eruv designers and the help of Rabbi Edwards from the London Beth Din, an acknowledged expert. We  will be working closely with both London boroughs of Barnet and Enfield and we hope to bring you more positive news in the weeks and months ahead.

Commenting on the eruv plans, Ezra said: ”The eruv is an integral part of NextGen,  our overall community development project. Our plan is to renew and create continuity for our next generation of younger members. It also plays an important role in bringing together the community, the school and shul.”