CNSS Purim programme for all the community

Purim comes but once a year and CNSS has put together a programme of tefillah and activities for the whole community.
Wednesday (Taanit Esther)  

  • Shacharit 6.45am.  Fast begins 5.02am, ends 6.27pm

  • Mincha 1.00pm

  • Wednesday evening: Maariv + megillah reading followed by Bollywood themed party for adults PLUS children’s fancy dress contest +film night      6.45pm

 Thursday (Purim day)

  •  Shacharit + Megillah & ‘grab and go’ breakfast Purim Seudah for men 6.30am                

  • Ladies Megillah reading + Champagne Brunch 10.30am      

  • Mincha 1.00pm  

  • JACS + CNSS Community Care Purim special afternoon event with entertainer  1.30 – 3.30 pm

  • Maariv  8.00pm