CNSS welcomes shabbat service guest leaders

Over the next few months CNSS will be hosting several well known and experienced rabbis and chazanim to lead shabbat prayers and give shiurim.

So far, we can tell you of the following dates and guests:

28 December- Rabbi Yaacov Finn, 4 January – Yitzchak Mordfield, 11 January (Ladies Guild Shabbat) – Rabbi Yisroel Fine, 25 January – Yossi Fachler, 1 February – Rabbi Yisroel Fine, 8+22 February, 1+8 March  – Yossi Fachler, 15 March – Yitzchak Mordfield (who will also be our megillah reader for Purim), 22 March – Yossi Fachler, April 5 – Yitzchak Mordfield.

Yitzchak has been a familair face as  baal tefillah and baal koreh in the community for several years, especially for yamim noraim and Yossi is a highly experienced and popular chazan and teacher. We are delighted to be able to have them join us.