The “Hub” – A Vision of Togetherness at CNSS

The Challenge

Our synagogue currently has over 1,100 members across the age spectrum. However, as an “ageing community”, 80% of the membership is over 50 years of age.

We currently use a building whose religious sanctuary was constructed in the 1950s and expanded in the 1960s to include classrooms and a banqueting hall, but does not lend itself easily to multi-purpose use in a more informal and social atmosphere.

In order to encourage more usage of the building for non-religious and more social/communal purposes, we want a solution  to create a multi-purpose area that could respond to the needs of the various demographic groups.This need is in response to the realisation that for a modern Jewish faith community to grow and rejuvenate, the synagogue must become more of a community centre; in constant use, and attractive to the entire demographic spectrum for a diverse range of uses, age groups and ambiances.

 We want to  convert a continuum of 3 adjacent classrooms, currently partitioned with moveable wall panels, into a social space along the lines of a café. The space would be light and airy and enable people to feel comfortable spending longer periods of time in the synagogue building during the course of an average weekday. The closest kosher café is 6-8 miles away in either Hendon, Golders Green, Edgware, Bushey or Borehamwood, and for the elderly members of the community, this is well over an hour by public transport.

We would like to dedicate The “Hub” – as it is currently termed – to the memory of the late Mariette Cymberg. the late wife of former, and much-loved Rabbi Raphael Cymberg, who served this community from the 1960s until 1986, Mariette was a pastry chef, among her other qualities and much of her ministry revolved around cakes, biscuits and Challot for Shabbat.

Project Cost

 The project will cost £45,000 in total, to include:

  • Disposal of dilapidated kitchen units and plumbing
  • Installation of new kitchen units and appliances
  • New flooring, painting of walls, trunking for exposed wiring
  • Widening of entrance to comply with Health and Safety codes of practice  
  • Furniture, fixtures and fittings.
  • LCD TV + cabling for presentations/films/entertainment

Dedication Opportunities

 To become a partner in this project, the following dedication opportunities are available to assist in actualising the project:

  • Naming Opportunity for the Hub:                                                                                                   £25,000
  • New “Hub” Kitchen Units/Appliances:                                                                                          £10,000
  • Café furniture – DONATED:                                                                                                             £5,000
  • Hub Supporters (4 opportunities @ £500 each)                                                                         £2,000
  • LCD TV + cabling for presentations/films/entertainment                                                       £1,000
  • Coffee Machine                                                                                                                                   £500
  • Be a Hub Friend (10 opportunities)                                                                                               £180


For more information about the project, or to contribute to this wonderful community initiative that will provide a vibrant space for multi-generational engagement and social support for all, please contact Rabbi Daniel Epstein at