Tisha B’Av programme brings crowds to CNSS

Rabbi Dr Rafi Zarum captivates the CNSS Tisha B'Av audience, 2014Tisha B’Av,  the saddest day in the Jewish calendar, was marked this year with a full programme of prayer and  learning which culminated with a celebrity lecture by Rabbi Dr Rafi Zarum, Dean of the London School of Jewish Studies. 

Apart from the traditional  Maariv and Reading of the Megillah of Eichah (Lamentations) lad by Rabbi Epstein, Shacharit was followed by the recital of Kinot with explanations by Rabbi Epstein, at which he brought together some of the themes of the current station in Israel today

‘No lunch but learn’ with Daniel Anderson was very well attended, as he took the large and enthusiastic audience through a look at the real Bar Kochba story. This was followed by Early Mincha, an innovation this year.

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The CNSS Tisha B’Av Evening Programme was a celebrity lecture with Rabbi Dr Rafi Zarum, Dean of the London School of Jewish Studies on “The Dangers of Memory: How should we recall the devastating destruction of the Temple today?”  Reviewing sources as diverse as Psalms and the poems of Siegfried Sassoon, in his stimulating and thought provoking talk spanning 2,500 years in 90 minutes, he challenged the audience to carefully re-look at some familiar texts with fresh eyes.

Responses from the community members present at all elements of the Tisha B’Av programme were universally positive.